William Jasper Winans
Strategist | Innovator

William Jasper Winans

Creative Digital Communications Leader & Brand Champion

Conceives and develops big ideas

Builds and motivates teams for best performance

Collaborates across functions to secure shared ownership

Executes customer-focused programs

Delivers measurable business results



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Connecting Children in Isolation
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Connecting Children in Isolation

A program I created is helping children every year in the care of Cleveland’s premier pediatric hospital feel less like hospital patients—and more like the kids they are.

Every children’s hospital shares the unique responsibility of finding creative ways to help the children in their care feel more at home, which can be a tall order in a hospital setting. For Cleveland’s leading children’s hospital, I created The Rainbow Channel, an in-house, closed-circuit television network providing movies, educational media and live game shows—and inviting children and families to be a part of the fun.

The Rainbow Channel uses integrated technologies to take the minds of pediatric patients and their families off of their troubles, inviting them to connect around positive and fun learning experiences at a vulnerable time in their lives. Children in isolation can enjoy group activities. Families can interact with and learn from featured guests.

This ready source of education, interaction and family-friendly entertainment is still in service today, helping to support the social and emotional needs of hospitalized children every year.

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Service Design Modeling
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Service Design Modeling - Healthcare vs. Consumer Experiences

I helped a leading insurance company adopt a successful new end-to-end approach to engaging customers.

Too often sales and marketing efforts focus on the point of sale. When efforts to maintain the customer relationship fall off after a sale is made, that relationship suffers to the detriment of the company.

A leading insurance company was experiencing this problem: By focusing on making the sale, they were struggling to retain customers. When I came in, I helped them transform their approach to their customers’ experience, changing their view of it from a fixed, one-time transaction, to a cyclical relationship requiring recurring engagement with customers.

With this shift in understanding, customer service and marketing teams integrated and aligned efforts. This, in turn, helped create new and innovative strategies to communicate with and engage customers, ultimately leading to increased retention.

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Partnerships in Augmented Reality
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Partnering People through Visual Learnings

Pioneering the use of augmented reality technology for the manufacturing industry led to an unparalleled distance learning experience for executives and engineers—and is paving the way for ongoing innovation.

It’s a rare opportunity to see a nuclear power plant up close. I leveraged cutting-edge augmented reality technology to provide a group of corporate executives and engineers this new type of experience that would have been otherwise impossible to simulate.

Helping them see the impact of their product through a new set of eyes—literally, through augmented reality units—brought to life the daily work they were doing and infused them with new excitement and ideas for how to improve collaboration, partnership, training and customer experience.

By harnessing technology in an innovative way, I helped open the door to create better employee and customer training opportunities, enhanced safety, and more engaging customer experiences.

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Creativity and Emotional Intelligence
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Creativity and Emotional Intelligence
(work in progress)

I helped create a program to prepare students at the Cleveland Institute of Art with skills critical to their success in the competitive job market after graduation.

Collaboration is fundamental to succeed in the job market. It is less critical, though, to success in the world of fine art, where an individualistic approach is common if not required.

Identifying the benefits of developing the emotional intelligence of creative minds, I helped to pioneer a new program that set out to do just that. The program creates holistic educational experiences that enhances the development of technical skills in conjunction with soft skills.

By building up resilience, cooperation and other emotional strengths across their four years of higher education, we are empowering art students to graduate better prepared to succeed as team players once they enter the job market.

photos courtesy of CIA; copyright © 2018. Cleveland Institute of Art

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Crafting an Effective Brand Message
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Crafting an Effective Brand Message

For a leading not-for-profit organization, I created new storytelling strategies to guide marketing and communications efforts and inspire more people to invest in the future of their communities.

Among not-for-profit organizations, the organization’s brand was strong. Many people had a general sense of what the organization was and did. To advance its mission to invest in solving the greatest needs of the communities it serves, the organization was seeking to transform how it engaged internal and external audiences.

Based in research, interviews and focus groups, I created a new narrative structure for the organization. These authentic messages, brand credo and master story breathed new life into the organization’s brand, helping audiences trust that, together, they are vital partners in achieving their community’s collective potential.

Owning the story of what it offers that no one else does, the organization began building brand equity among audiences—and inspiring greater participation in its mission.

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Diversity of Thought
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Empowering Diversity of Thought

Promoting innovative thought processes and practices helped transform the industrial manufacturing culture by emphasizing continuing education, inspiring creativity, and creating connection across technical functions.

True innovation occurs at the nexus of technical expertise and creative expression. We worked to identify key elements of a more innovative culture and what would be increasingly critical to customer and employee engagement.

I led development of a continuing education curriculum that focused on building teams and inspiring creativity around design thinking. This stimulated a culture of learning by building skill and creative capacity and promoting outside-the-box thinking. Team members learned to think more about the end goal and to see problems through the eyes of the customer.

Ultimately, by fostering a culture of learning and innovation, and by broadening employee experiences, this program aims to bolster retention and job satisfaction. What’s more: It helped develop a pipeline of leaders, creating new opportunities for employees to contribute and grow.


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    Reseach | Planning | Execution

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    Culture | Diversity | Creativity

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    Creative Direction
    Leading Creative Work and Teams

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    Digital | Print | Broadcast

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    Customer | Markets | Employees

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  • Brand Strategy Consultant
    Period: 08-2017 – present
    Brand Consultancy

    Help executives, boards and a range of stakeholders for not-for-profit and corporate clients innovate in an evolving marketplace by harnessing technology, creativity and brand strategies that inspire audiences and advance strategic goals.

    Provide strategic consulting services that include brand strategy, digital marketing, technology implementation and website development.

    Develop and execute audience-centered communication plans that drive engagement and build brand equity .

    Lead research, creative and content teams in developing targeted communications that leverage technology and are grounded in powerful and effective design and messages .

  • Sr Manager, Customer Insights
    Period: 10-2016 – 08-2017
    Senior Manager, Customer/Market Insights

    Led multidisciplinary teams to drive omnichannel customer understanding, discovering and advocating for deep behavioral insights, fostering new customer opportunities, and providing thought leadership around customer research, loyalty measurement, and the customer experience.

    Set the overarching brand strategy through deep insights into B2B customer and market trends and behaviors to drive effective customer-centric strategies.

    Increased the use of customer metrics globally and for specific markets and customer types to build a robust understanding of the customer journey, highlighting company strengths to promote and areas ripe for improvement.

    Leveraged both qualitative and quantitative research methodologies to gain deep customer insights. This spanned both customer and internal programs aimed to improve employee engagement.

    Futurecasting – worked with industry futurists to project disruption for our customers’ businesses and built robust insight for the company’s innovation/engineering teams.


    Acted as a change agent on behalf of the company’s first ever innovation program. Drove cultural changes where needed, introducing design thinking and diversity of thought into engineering practices.

    Partnered with Case Western Reserve University to lead experiments in augmented/virtual reality to as next-generation sales processes, customer education, and operational toolsets.

    Worked with local educational institutions to develop a curriculum on “Divergent Thinking Skills” to improve team’s ability to capture and process unexpected business opportunities.

  • Director, Global Brand Management
    Period: 11-2013 – 09-2016
    Director, Global Brand Management

    Led global brand management, executive communications, external communications, and customer storytelling.

    Responsible for the strategic positioning of the Swagelok brand architecture, brand voice and creative treatments in sales, marketing, and communications.

    Managed Swagelok’s enterprise-wide communications content strategy and global marketing system.

    Oversaw global insights of customer satisfaction and sentiment and development of customer experience strategies and enterprise initiatives.

    Led international teams to create and manage a unified Swagelok experience at 200 sales and service centers around the globe.

    Responsible for global measurement of customer satisfaction and sentiment, and development of customer experience strategies and enterprise initiatives.

  • Director, e-Business
    Period: 06-2008 – 11-2013
    Director, e-Business and Knowledge Management

    Provided digital leadership in eCommerce and digital marketing in a cross-functional team of Communications, IS and Marketing.

    Provided leadership for the advancement and development of Swagelok websites, social media and online experience.

    Championed the need for enhancing the online experience through user-centered design.

    Provided leadership in the development of an enterprise-wide knowledge sharing program: the program emphasized the transfer of knowledge through collaboration technologies, user-centered design, and solid enterprise taxonomies by which the company organizes its structures of knowledge.

  • Team Lead - Web Experience
    Period: 03-2007 – 07-2008
    Team Lead, Web Experience
    Progressive (Progressive Commercial Auto)

    Responsible for managing the design, development and measurement of online channel product marketing for Commercial Vehicle Insurance line.

    Established a new website and related web experience team for Progressive Commercial Auto - www.progressivecommercial.com.

    Responsible for managing the design, development and measurement of online marketing for Commercial Vehicle Insurance line.

    Provided strategic recommendations with respect to online channel marketing, customer experience and related off-line marketing projects.

    Championed emergent interactive technologies to position the Progressive product and brand an industry leader.

    Managed development of online projects for www.progressivecommercial.com. Provide business requirements to IT for project development and identify opportunities for integration of new technology.

  • Manager, Interactive Marketing
    Period: 04-2003 – 03-2007
    Manager, Interactive Marketing
    University Hospitals

    Responsible for managing the Organization brand strategy in respect to building web presence for medical service lines.

    Set and manage internal expectations for interactive projects and programs.

    Supervised strategic and technical development of new interactive initiatives, as well as execution of planned projects.

    Managed IT contractors for special projects, website maintenance and enhancements.

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